Depth & Availability

Industries Served

What We Do

The lawyers at El Camino Legal help technology and media companies form, develop and grow in an organized and compliant manner. This includes corporate formation and governance, day-to-day and strategic contracting, and litigation.

Our expertise includes, among other things, intellectual property licensing,  sales and distribution, strategic alliances, privacy and information management, end user terms, and resolving disputes between companies.

How We Work
Like a traditional law firm, many of our clients use our services on an as-needed basis. For example, upon request we can jump into a particularly important or difficult negotiation, or build a document template for ongoing operations. Our customers depend upon our availability.


Some companies rely on us over time as external general counsel. These clients have an ongoing need for legal support but cannot afford to hire a lawyer full time. Because we embed within a client’s business, we can provide holistic advice on business operations and process.


Most of our clients pay hourly fees for our services. As experts in our field, we bill only for time worked, not for on-the-job learning. We are very good at defining the scope of our services to meet the needs, and the budgets, of our clients. Volume-based fee structures are available.

Large Heading

ECL serves those who develop, distribute, use, or buy technology and media content. Our lawyers have worked with companies in the following industries.

   -- Software Publishing
   -- Consumer SAAS
   -- B2B SAAS
   -- Media & Communications
   -- Data Analytics
   -- Web Application Design

   -- Healthcare IT
   -- Social Networking
   -- Devices & Appliances
   -- Industrial Research
   -- Scientific Instrumentation
   -- Digital Imaging
   -- Drone Vehicles
   -- Virtual Reality

   -- Sports Rights and Broadcasting